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KIRE - Keeping it Real Estate

Our Services

KIRE is building an ecosystem of partners across four main areas:  Prime real estate Sellers & Buyers, local community neighbours, local businesses "Local Legends", and KIRE members "Community Creators". We provide complementary services to each that enhance the value, richness, and ultimately happiness of the people that live within the communities we serve.


The strength of our connections with neighbourhood influencers, combined with our professional experience and our knowledge of the local market makes KIRE uniquely positioned to identify and trade exclusive properties in the London postcode NW3.


We specialise in the search and sale of beautiful homes from  £3-172M+

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Our prime real estate sales service leverages our local market intimacy and experience, expertise in marketing, sales and negotiations, and utilises our exclusive buyer network and membership incentives to maximize your property sale price. Our leading process and attention to detail will ensure your experience is stress and hassle free. 

Seller Benefits

Higher sales prices – leveraging local knowledge, expert negotiation skills, and providing informed advice to raise the value of your home

Access to the best buyers – through KIRE’s off-market buyer network and creative marketing campaigns across multiple channels

Higher conversion rates – by offering KIRE buyers an exclusive membership with value-added experiences, services and an unparalleled buying experience we are able to tilt the value equation in  your favor

Fast and stress-free process -  we have completely rethought the sales process to remove bottlenecks and increase visibility to you as the buyer. Our process includes unconventional steps such as paying for some of your fees required for sale, so that menial costs don’t slow down the process or cause unnecessary back and forth and administration for you


Leave on best terms – We want to help you say thank you to your neighbours and goodbyes with a moving out party and gifts/notes that we will take care of on your behalf

Property Sales

When performing a prime property search for clients, we search through our exclusive network of listed and off market prime and super prime properties, applying our knowledge of the communities we serve and the people we know to find you the best location for your future lifestyle. As part of our search service we welcome you into our KIRE members circle and act as a catalyst for you to plug in and enjoy the life you envision in your new neighbourhood.

Buyer Benefits

World class finders – expert matchmakers that leverage our local market knowledge, network and unconventional marketing techniques to find you the on or off-market property gems matching your search criteria faster, with less stress, and on spec


Supercharged community integration with KIRE CLUB membership – doing business with KIRE gives you access to our exclusive club, which we will use to introduce you to your neighbours, to extend invites to our exclusive events, and to provide you with access to experiences, upgrades and deals with our local business partners


Best price for value – expert negotiators, providing thorough assessments and best in class advice throughout purchase to ensure you get the value you pay for

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Property Searches

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KIRE members are a close-knit group of previous buyers, sellers and fellow "Community Creators" that love our mission and play an active role in our ecosystem. As well as contributing to KIRE events, members benefit from additional fun, with exclusive networking,  learning events, and partner experiences. Our members also benefit from our KIRE Black Card programme, opening doors and unlocking deals and extras with our local business partners.

Member Benefits


Network with Intelligent, open-minded and independent thinkers – Our members like to feel connected to the pulse of the community and are invigorated by the passionate people who understand the KIRE mission and choose human connections and knowledge as a means to happiness. Gain access to our network and enjoy your neighbourhood with your new group of friends.


Exclusive activities and events– From book clubs, historical seminars, cycling groups, to gardening classes and brewing beer together, KIRE curates a schedule of events that will keep you entertained throughout the year


KIRE members club benefits card– Provides you with exclusive access to off menu services and experiences, upgrades and deals with our local business partners


As part of our KIRE mission, we exist to enhance the lives of the people in the communities we serve, and to improve the quality and strength of its local businesses by building connections and happiness through events and charity. 

Community Benefits

Engaged newcomers – Our process for buying homes includes steps and activities to ensure that joiners are engaged with the community early and incorporated into the culture and fun


Promoting community wellbeing– through social and intellectual stimulation  the social events and learning activities we host and sponsor supports mental wellbeing and empower people to fill their potential

Local business support – KIRE’s Local Legends© alliance , events, and the KIRE members club benefits programme all support local businesses by bringing them high-value and repeat customers and fans


Charity– KIRE events and a portion of profits will be dedicated to support local charities directly impacting our communities

Carbon negative business– we actively track our carbon impact and believe in a cultural of continuous improvement to reduce our footprint while offsetting more than our share of emissions through credits.

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